Pain Management, Is This Enough?

Pain management in Arizona is a huge business. The number of Arizonans suffering pain continues to increase, so it makes sense that most of these individuals seek treatment to reduce their key issue. Their pain! But is this enough?

The quick answer is no, but let’s delve into this further. Pain management is a specialized field in health care that has its focus on treating one’s pain. Typical services from most pain management doctors include pain medicine, steroid injections, and other numbing procedures like facet blocks. Interventional Pain Management might include radiofrequency ablation, a local anesthetic or even a spinal cord stimulator. These procedures have been the go-to treatments for pain management doctors for many years, but the question is, how are they affecting pain and suffering over time? Short-term effects have been mostly positive. But long-term results have been alarming. When you follow people who have chronic pain and used pain management as their treatment, you will find some startling facts. Over time these procedures tend to have less effect on one’s pain and can exacerbate the underlying condition. My patients tell me how frustrating this becomes because when the pain is getting better from pain pills or injections, they think their condition is also getting better. This isn’t commonly the case. In fact, most of my patients find out that the continuation of pain management ultimately leaves them with more pain. Their body either gets used to the medicine and doesn’t respond to it anymore, or the pain treatment itself leads to hypersensitivity of their nervous system and more pain. The side effects from these treatments accelerate damage and irritation of the painful area. The number of Americans suffering chronic pain continues to be a huge crisis and is growing exponentially even with these typical, readily available, pain management treatments. If more people are suffering pain and require surgery after this type of pain management over time, it seems clear that we need to find a different solution.

LaserTech Pain and Back Relief is an Arizona pain management clinic with a twist. We manage your pain by addressing the causes of your pain. Pain is like a fire alarm. Its main function is to alert you that there is a problem in the area of pain. Turning off pain and leaving the problem is a recipe for disaster. It’s like turning off the fire alarm and letting the fire continue without warning. Pain is the alarm. We want it to turn off because the problem or cause is resolved. We find that this is the only way to achieve sustainable pain relief. When we treat a patient, our goal is to do everything we can to provide them with a better quality of life, and to try to help them avoid unwanted surgeries. To do this we use our medical technologies to improve the conditions that are causing the pain. Common issues that we need to address include damage to tissues, chronic inflammation, abnormal nerve transmission and hypersensitivity, and dysfunction of the musculoskeletal tissues. We have found that most chronic pain has multiple causes and that we need to address them all or the pain will return again. We have been very successful in treating chronic pain this way, even when regular pain management has failed.

It has been shown that recurring pain is common after any injury or damage to one’s joints, muscles, tendons, or ligaments. This is likely to be due to the lack of full healing of the involved tissues. When the likelihood of injury while performing a sport was researched, they found that functional asymmetry was a high predictor of injury and pain for otherwise healthy individuals. It makes sense then that by just numbing pain with medication, you leave these underlying problems that promote injury and will likely cause you to have pain again.

During a consultation at LaserTech, you will meet with a doctor who will do a thorough evaluation of what is causing your pain. Based on this assessment and any other required diagnostics, the doctor will provide you with an individualized treatment plan aimed at resolving the causes of your pain. We treat these with a wide variety of our non-invasive, technologies and therapies. Just numbing your pain with pain pills and injections is not enough!

Call us today for a free consultation and let us manage your pain by focusing on its causes. Our doctors are Certified in Physical Medicine Modalities and are Chiropractic Physicians whose focus is in Medical Technologies that have shown over time to effectively treat the cause of one’s pain and improve the quality of life. We want you to feel good as soon as possible, but we also want you to feel good well after our active treatment is over. Our ultimate goal is sustainable relief.

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Dr. Craig Zimmerman, BS, DC.

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Dr. Zimmerman has been treating pain for more than 30 years. He spent six successful years in St. Louis working with injured patients who had chronic pain that did not respond to traditional treatments. He developed a positive reputation for taking difficult cases that most other clinics couldn’t solve. For 16 years, he ran one of the most successful practices in Arizona and ultimately became the Chief of Staff of a large health care company with a focus on acute injury care. Read more about Dr. Zimmerman here.

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