Opioid Addiction: The Best Solution, Don’t Start!

OPIOID ADDICTION: The Best Solution, Don’t Start!

Opioid use concerns are all over the news these days. One of the more recent stats I read stated that Opioids have become one of the major causes of death for Americans, stating that approximately 92 Americans die from Opioid overdose a day. This has truly become an epidemic. Some of these people were addicts but many of them were prescribed these drugs by their doctors due to pain.

Who is to blame? The Physicians who are prescribing these drugs? The drug companies? The individuals taking the drugs? Possibly all of them are somewhat to blame, however, there is one thing for sure; the best way to minimize this problem is to not start Opioids or even pain management in the first place.

At LaserTech we offer alternative treatments for difficult pain without the use of drugs, steroid injections, or surgery. We have found innovative medical technologies that when used together to go after the primary causes of pain, can be highly effective, even when other treatments

have failed. Going after the cause of pain is a much better and safer approach than just

numbing the pain with drugs, especially Opiates. Pain is an important protection mechanism

warning us that something is wrong. Turning off pain and ignoring the cause would be like turning off a fire alarm because it is annoying, and leaving the fire which continues to cause more damage burning down the house. Just like this scenario, turning off pain and leaving the cause to continue its damage without protection often leads to bigger issues in the future.

Give us a call for a free consultation so we can tell you if we feel we can help you. Our mission is to help keep as many patients as possible off of narcotic pain pills and to help patients avoid surgery. Again, the best way to assure you don’t get hooked on Opiates is to never start down that road in the first place. Let us help you.

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Dr. Zimmerman has been treating pain for more than 30 years. He spent six successful years in St. Louis working with injured patients who had chronic pain that did not respond to traditional treatments. He developed a positive reputation for taking difficult cases that most other clinics couldn’t solve. For 16 years, he ran one of the most successful practices in Arizona and ultimately became the Chief of Staff of a large health care company with a focus on acute injury care. Read more about Dr. Zimmerman here.

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