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Dr. Zimmerman D.C.

30 Years Of Experience
Treating Pain

Pain Management doctors treating lower back pain, sports injuries and pain management therapy.

Author of the book,
Unlocking The Chronic Pain Code

Dr. Zimmerman has been treating pain for more than 30 years. He spent six successful years in St. Louis working with injured patients who had chronic pain that did not respond to traditional treatments. He developed a positive reputation for taking difficult cases that most other clinics couldn’t solve. For 16 years, he ran one of the most successful practices in Arizona and ultimately became the Chief of Staff of a large health care company with a focus on acute injury care.

Throughout this time he realized that chronic pain was becoming a huge epidemic in America, and, in 2006, he decided to focus on new, drug free treatment technologies for chronic pain sufferers. He understood numbing that pain wasn’t the solution and sought out other methods.

Dr. Zimmerman is certified in physical medicine modalities and therapeutic procedures, is a chiropractic physician and has additional training and extensive experience in the multiple pain relieving technologies utilized at LaserTech. He is proud of the fact that he can help relieve pain when other treatments have failed.

Our Philosophy

At LaserTech, our philosophy and approach to pain relief is quite different from other traditional pain treatment practices in the area. In our more than 30 years of experience serving residents of all ages throughout the Scottsdale and Phoenix areas, we’ve proudly helped countless patients overcome their severe, chronic pain, even when drugs, injections, surgeries and other popular treatments have failed.

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  • Avatar Jennifer Robinson ★★★★★ a week ago
    I injured my knee and went to LaserTech for treatments. My knee responded very well to Dr. Zimmerman’s healing plan and I couldn’t be happier. Dr. Zimmerman gave good explanations of each step. … More I can’t say enough about his staff! They are caring, knowledgeable and kind. The environment in this office is happy and enjoyable. I would highly recommend LaserTech for healing!

As one of the most innovative pain management clinics in the Phoenix Valley, you can look forward to receiving effective, drug free treatments that don’t just mask your painful symptoms, but that attack the root source of the pain, providing you the opportunity to receive significant, long-lasting relief.

How We Help Relieve Chronic Pain

The vast majority of pain is caused by damaged tissue and cartilage degeneration and abnormal physiological functioning. The pain you feel acts as an alarm in that it alerts the brain that something in your body has gone awry and that the root problem needs to be treated in order to reduce pain and improve your symptoms. Most traditional care focuses primarily on silencing this alarm (i.e. pain) and has little to no impact on the actual cause of the pain.

At LaserTech, our team works to find and treat the cause of your pain, not just the symptoms. We treat the 5 common causes of persistent pain, which include: damage, inflammation, nerves, function and the central nervous system. We are confident in our approach and we will work hard to provide you the opportunity for long-lasting relief and the restored quality of life you deserve. And best of all, every treatment we provide is non-invasive we never use drugs, steroid injections or surgery. While American people are living longer lives on average, most of them are not living their lives to the fullest because they’re constantly weighed down by chronic pain.

Our high level of dedication and effectiveness may be just what you need to get back to the quality life you deserve.

No Drugs! No Steroid Injections! No Surgeries!
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