Herniated Disc Treatment

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A Disc Syndrome occurs when the gelatinous disc material between the vertebra of your spine bulges or herniates outward and often hits up against the nerves that run through a nearby canal and down the leg. This can cause back pain and commonly causes symptoms that are referred to as sciatica-when there is pain, numbness, and tingling running down a leg all the way to the foot. Disc bulges and herniations are most often diagnosed with an MRI but an examination and history are very helpful in differentiating these conditions from other back problems.

With a spinal disc problem, pain is usually more prominent when sitting and with bending and lifting. Patients with disc issues frequently have buttock pain with spasms with increased symptoms when they cough or sneeze.

“This place has been a God send to me. I have several bulging discs in addition to lumbar stenosis. I was given the choice of surgery or painful injections and basically told to live with pain. I have had six treatments so far, and each time I feel better and better. To me, this has been a miracle of a treatment option. I highly recommend trying this treatment before resorting to drugs or surgery. Dr Zimmerman is compassionate and knowledgeable. The staff are all great. They have saved me much pain and suffering and I’m truly grateful.”

Karen L.

Signs and Symptoms of Herniated Disc Include:

  • Pain in arm or leg, depending on if the herniated disc is in your neck or lower back
  • Numbness and tingling
  • Weakness
  • Pain on one side of the body
  • Sharp pain in the buttock, leg or hip
  • Decreased Range of Motion

If there is significant pressure on a nerve over a prolonged period of time, one could lose strength in their extremities and could possibly lose bowel or bladder control. If this occurs, surgical intervention may be necessary.

If the condition has not progressed as far as to create severe weakness or bowel or bladder issues, nonsurgical remedies may be appropriate. One treatment technology that we find to be highly effective in treating these disc conditions in the low back or neck is our nonsurgical Spinal Traction Decompression. We utilize the DRX 9000 technology which allows us to target our treatment to the involved herniated disc so we can get the disc material to retract back away from the nerve or pain-producing tissue, and rehab it.

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LaserTech Can Help with Your Herniated Disc without Surgery, without drugs, and without Injections!

We have helped many of our patients avoid surgery with this technology and many of them were originally told only surgery would help. We offer a free consultation which allows you to discuss your condition with the doctor and to see if you are a good candidate for any of our noninvasive treatments. It is our goal to help you try to avoid any invasive procedures and to help you live a more active and high quality life. Give us a call today!