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Sciatica Back Pain Relief ScottsdaleMost people have experienced lower back pain at some point in their life. In fact, back-related pain is estimated to be the second most common reason people report missing work or visiting the doctor’s office. And here at LaserTech Pain and Back Relief Center, approximately 70% of all our patients come see us for back-related pain, which means you can rest assured we understand how severe of an impact back pain can have on your lifestyle and overall well-being.

While the causes of back pain are plentiful and diverse, the symptoms are often expressed in very similar ways. Being that there are a variety of different conditions which can lead to the onset of lower back pain – including spinal stenosis, arthritis inflammation, injuries or trauma, sciatica (pinched nerves), post-operative pain and many other reasons – it is important to seek professional assistance in order to ensure you are not leaving a serious condition untreated.

Sciatica is an extremely common condition that causes pain to radiate along one’s sciatic nerve. Sciatic nerve pain is typically the result of a herniated disk in the spine, which causes it to put pressure on the sciatic nerve and cause intense radiating pain down the back of one or both legs, but most often only affecting one side of the body. Symptoms of sciatica can range from mild to severe pain in the back, buttocks, hips, lower extremities and spine to foot/leg numbness, muscle weakness, burning sensations, pins and needles sensations or generalized weakness. Check out our blog for a more in depth look at Sciatica and What Causes Sciatica Nerve Pain.

“Lower back pain kept me from simple tasks and I could not enjoy family and friends. I am very happy to have found Lasertech. Now i can start to make golf and vacation plans.”

Will B

No Drugs, No Injections, No Surgery

Don’t Just “Deal” with Back and Sciatic Nerve Pain, Get the Long-Lasting Relief You Deserve

At LaserTech, we have learned that many of our patients have waited months if not years before seeking pain-relieving treatments simply because they did not feel comfortable undergoing invasive surgeries or injections or taking highly addictive pain medications. Thanks to our pain-relieving technologies and lower back pain treatment options, we can help you get on the path towards pain relief without having to use invasive means, even when other treatments have failed you.

We invite you to schedule a free comprehensive consultation with any of our pain management professionals, during which we will take as much time as necessary to accurately determine the type and root cause of your pain, which will allow us to create a treatment plan designed to significantly reduce, if not completely eliminate your pain, so you can get back to doing the things you love most and reclaim your life, free of pain.

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