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Nip Your Car Accident Pain in the Bud with Non-Invasive Treatments in Arizona

neck pain from car accident in Scottsdale.If you’re a Scottsdale or surrounding area resident who’s been in a car or truck accident, it’s imperative that you seek help right away to ensure what could be a mild and temporary issue doesn’t progress into a severe and potentially chronic one. Due to the nature of auto accidents and the high likelihood that you experienced whiplash, without proper treatment, these types of injuries could have significantly negative effects on your health, such as chronic neck, joint and back pain.

Studies have demonstrated that about six to ten years after a car accident, the injured individual is likely to experience advanced degenerative changes in the affected area(s) as a result of the crash. This proves all the more why it’s so crucial for you to seek help right away, rather than letting your injuries progress to the level of chronic joint, muscle, disc and/or tissue degeneration down the road. For those in the Phoenix metro area, LaserTech Pain and Back Relief Center is the place you need to call.

“I had severe, throbbing, aching neck pain which went down my left arm. I had difficulty turning my head to the left. I am retired and this pain deflated me. I was skeptical at first about LaserTech treatments because I had never heard of laser treatments for neck pain in phoenix, however, after completing the neck pain treatments, I am back to doing what I used to do. The pain is gone.”

– Paul

No Drugs, No Injections, No Surgery

At LaserTech, many of our patients tell us they believe their chronic pain is the result of an injury or auto accident they suffered years ago. Due to the fact that many signs and symptoms such as back, neck or spine pain can take days, weeks, months and sometimes even years to manifest completely after an accident, it’s easy to understand why so many people simply assume they haven’t sustained an injury. The moment you begin to feel any back pain after being an accident, give LaserTech a call right away, so we can determine the root of your pain and stop it right there and then, rather than allowing it to grow progressively worse over time.

Common Auto Injuries We Treat Include, But Are Not Limited To:

  • Whiplash
  • Back Pain and Back Injuries
  • Neck Pain and Neck Injuries
  • Joint Pain and Joint Injuries

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