NFATMS – Retrain Your Central Nervous System & Muscles

Neuromuscular Facilitation Active Therapeutic Movement Treatments in Scottsdale, Arizona

Restore your body’s natural movement patterns and core stabilization.

Neuromuscular Facilitation Active Therapeutic Movement Treatments Scottsdale.

For individuals suffering from chronic pain, including those in the Phoenix and Scottsdale areas, we at LaserTech commonly find that over time, this type of pain causes abnormal patterns of movement and muscle recruitment to form, which ultimately reduces the stability of one’s core. These atypical patterns usually continue to worsen, or become more engrained, until some form of intervention is introduced to reignite the normal, natural patterns of movement.

Many people assume that routine exercise will correct these issues, but unfortunately that is usually ineffective. That’s where LaserTech proudly steps in.

“I had low back pain for 3 years. I decided to try LaserTech. The pain in my low back is gone. I feel like a new person.”

– Eleanor H.

What is NFATM?

At LaserTech, we offer our patients dealing with these abnormal movement patterns a treatment system called neuromuscular facilitation active therapeutic movement (NFATM), which enables us to retrain, or reestablish the normal feedback patterns between your central nervous system and the muscles throughout your body, which ultimately restores normal movement patterns and improves the stability and strength of your core. 

The NFATM treatment is easy, completely non-invasive and capable of providing fast, effective relief and improved patterns of movement for even the most severe chronic pain conditions.

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