• Opioid Addiction: The Best Solution, Don’t Start!

    OPIOID ADDICTION: The Best Solution, Don’t Start!

    Opioid use concerns are all over the news these days. One of the more recent stats I read stated that Opioids have become one of the major causes of death for Americans, stating that approximately 92 Americans die from Opioid overdose a day. This has truly become an epidemic. Some of these people were addicts but many of them were prescribed these drugs by their doctors due to pain.

    Who is to blame? The Physicians who are prescribing these drugs? The drug companies? The individuals taking the drugs? Possibly all of them are somewhat to blame, however, there is one thing for sure; the best way to minimize this problem is to not start Opioids or even pain management in the first place.

    At LaserTech we offer alternative treatments for difficult pain without the use of drugs, steroid injections, or surgery. We have found innovative medical technologies that when used together to go after the primary causes of pain, can be highly effective, even when other treatments

    have failed. Going after the cause of pain is a much better and safer approach than just

    numbing the pain with drugs, especially Opiates. Pain is an important protection mechanism

    warning us that something is wrong. Turning off pain and ignoring the cause would be like turning off a fire alarm because it is annoying, and leaving the fire which continues to cause more damage burning down the house. Just like this scenario, turning off pain and leaving the cause to continue its damage without protection often leads to bigger issues in the future.

    Give us a call for a free consultation so we can tell you if we feel we can help you. Our mission is to help keep as many patients as possible off of narcotic pain pills and to help patients avoid surgery. Again, the best way to assure you don’t get hooked on Opiates is to never start down that road in the first place. Let us help you.

  • Tackling Your Pain Issues

    Chronic pain afflicts millions of people in the U.S., with many turning to injections, addictive pain medications and invasive surgeries to resolve their pain issues. However, these solutions don’t always work and can even cause moderate to severe complications.

    Surgeries can further complicate issues by damaging tissue and nerves, and addictive pain medications can keep you going back to using them for even the slightest of aches. Surgeries and medications can also prove expensive.

    But there are other ways to manage pain that don’t require surgeries, medication or steroid injections.

    Managing Your Pain

    For some patients all it takes is a few lifestyle tweaks for chronic pain to alleviate or even disappear. Here are a few techniques that help some patients alleviate chronic pain:

    • Meditate

      – Deep breathing and meditation can help your body naturally relax, reducing tension and tightness caused by stress or agitation. Focus on your breathing as you meditate, dispelling excess thoughts and worries while repeating a phrase or word to maintain your focus.1

    • Get a Massage

      – A massage will not only reduce stress but also relieve tension in your muscles and the pain tension causes. Massages are perfect for people with chronic back and neck pain.

    • Eat Well

      – A balanced diet isn’t just healthy for your waistline. A healthy diet rich in nutrients but low in fat and sodium can facilitate healthy body processes, aiding your digestive system, keeping bones strong, etc. and can reduce pain in the process by keeping muscles and bones strong.

    • Exercise More –

      Exercise might be painful if you experience symptoms of chronic pain, but exercising with a routine tailored to your symptoms can actually block pain. Exercise releases endorphins which blocks pain receptors, strengthens muscles and prevents re-injury and additional pain from occurring. Consult a doctor first to develop an exercise routine that won’t exacerbate your pain issues.

    While helpful, these might not be enough to solve more complicated pain issues.

    Pain-Relieving Techniques with LaserTech Pain and Back Relief Center

    Fortunately, you can manage your pain successfully, regardless of how severe it is, with LaserTech’s pain-relieving techniques. It may sound too good to be true but at LaserTech we’ve developed proprietary methods that are consistently improving results. We’ve spent countless hours researching what treatments and protocols, once combined, are able to effectively treat our patients’ neurological and musculoskeletal pain conditions.

    We’ve made it our goal to try to keep patients from invasive surgical procedures when possible. Providing Phoenix, Arizona residents with pain-relieving technologies and therapies that will reduce or eliminate your pain; no drugs, steroid injections or surgery required.

    Find pain relief when other treatments have failed to yield results. Contact LaserTech today at (602) 633-1063 to get treatments that don’t just mask your symptoms, but go after the source of all your pain.

  • Learn More About Your Local Pain Management Team

    When you’re forced to seek medical assistance for your chronic pain, it’s important that you can speak to a non-invasive pain management team you trust. At LaserTech Pain and Back Relief Center, many of our patients come to us after trying and failing to experience relief with other popular treatment options such as surgery, injections or prescription medications. We’d like to take the opportunity to tell you who we are, where we came from and how we can be a trustworthy part of your alternative pain management team.

    Who We Are

    LaserTech and its team have proudly been treating patients throughout the Scottsdale and Phoenix areas using laser technology and other minimally invasive treatments since 2006.

    With treatment options such as the Computer-Guided Multi-Laser Therapy (CMLT) system, Super Traction Decompression (TDS) system and Neuromuscular Facilitation Active Therapeutic Movement (NFATM) system, we’re able to treat:

    • Arthritis
    • Neuropathy
    • Spinal stenosis
    • Disc injury
    • Sciatica
    • Back pain
    • Shoulder pain
    • Knee pain

    Where We Came From

    We are led by the skilled Dr. Craig A. Zimmerman, who has been treating pain for more than 30 years. Early in his career he spent six years in St. Louis working with patients whose chronic pain did not respond well to traditional treatments. During this time Zimmerman developed a reputation for solving difficult cases that proved impossible for most clinics.

    For 16 years Dr. Zimmerman worked with a practice in Arizona that focused specifically on acute injury care. It was roughly 10 years ago that he decided to work with new treatment technologies for chronic pain sufferers and started the LaserTech Pain and Back Relief Center.

    How We Can Help

    Most pain-relief centers try and help their patients with procedures such as surgery, injections and prescription medications. Not only are these treatments ineffective for many individuals, they tend to address the symptoms of pain instead of treating the issue at its source.

    LaserTech’s multiple treatment options aim to effectively reduce and, in some cases, completely eliminate the pain you experience by directly targeting the cause of your discomfort. The technologies we use are proven effective while also being non-invasive. Whether your pain is the result of a chronic disease or injury, LaserTech will develop a safe treatment regimen that will get you back on your feet.

    If you or a loved one in the Scottsdale, Arizona area are experiencing chronic pain, contact LaserTech Pain and Back Relief Center today at (602) 633-1063 for a free consultation.

  • Sports Injuries and Non-Invasive Pain Management

    Back and Neck Pain

    Whether you’re involved in an intensive sport or simply exercise on a regular basis, back and neck injuries are a constant risk. Inflammation from constant activity or a physical trauma can result in lower back or neck pain that just doesn’t go away. A herniated disk can put pressure on your sciatic nerve, causing discomfort that radiates down your entire spine. Even if you feel these injuries don’t affect your athletic ability, leaving the issue untreated could permanently damage your body.

    Laser Tech Pain Management

    Until recently, the only methods available to treat spinal pain were invasive surgeries or injections. Today, the Super Traction Decompression (TDS) system makes the process quick and painless. By applying a force that gently relieves nerve compression, the TDS system allows your spinal discs to realign, all while increasing the flow of blood and beneficial nutrients to the affected area.

    Knee and Shoulder Injuries

    Chronic knee and shoulder pain affects individuals of all ages, but can be more common among those who regularly engage in intense physical activity. Injuries to the ligaments and tendons can cause severe, persistent discomfort that makes it difficult to play any sport. While some pain management facilities try to treat the symptoms, the only way to resolve the problem is by going to the source.

    The computer-guided multi-laser therapy (CMLT) system uses cold penetration laser technology to target the precise location of your pain. Energy from the powerful lasers directly stimulates your cells to help eliminate pain, accelerate healing and decrease inflammation.

    Joint Pain

    Joint Pain Management at Laser Tech AZ

    Joint pain and arthritis are the result of inflammation, which can be significantly worsened by activity from most sports. Acute or sudden inflammation is not concerning if it quickly dissipates, but can be the sign of a more serious issue when the pain is persistent.

    Some studies have found that acupuncture is an effective treatment method for joint pain because it is able to directly target the afflicted pressure points in the body. However, the use of invasive needles is an uncomfortable experience for some patients and frightening for others. For those looking for non-invasive treatment methods, there’s the LaserNeedle system. These high-tech lasers take the place of needles and stimulate trigger points to relieve pain. Studies by Mayo Clinic have shown that the procedure is more effective than conventional metal needles.1

    Non-Invasive Pain Management in Arizona

    If you’re looking for safe, non-invasive and highly effective treatments for chronic pain in the Scottsdale, Phoenix, or surrounding areas, contact Laser Tech Pain and Back Relief today at (602) 633-1063. Since 2006 our compassionate and highly qualified staff have been treating patients with our multiple, computerized lasers and other non-invasive treatments. We treat the source of your pain, not just the symptoms.

  • How to Live with Arthritis Pain

    If you suffer from arthritis pain, you are not alone. In fact, arthritis is one of the leading causes of pain and disability across the world. Arthritis, in simplified terms, is a painful inflammation and stiffness of the joints. Arthritis is very common and is mostly commonly associated with aging, although certain types can also result from sports injuries. More than three million new cases of arthritis are reported in the U.S. each year.

    Laser Tech Pain from arthritis

    There are actually more than 100 different types of arthritis and it does not discriminate, impacting people of all ages, races and sexes. It is estimated that more than 50 million adults and even 300,000 children are living with some form of arthritis. This ailment causes symptoms including pain, swelling, stiffness and decreased range of motion. Many arthritis sufferers experience symptoms that come and go based on various factors.

    Natural Arthritis Pain Management Techniques

    There are several ways that people who suffer from arthritis treat their symptoms. Luckily there are a few natural things you can do to help alleviate the pain of arthritis without resorting to expensive, potentially addictive or dangerous treatments.

    • Weight Management

      – If you are overweight it can contribute to arthritis pain and possible complications. The less weight your joints have to deal with means less pressure and less pain. Using permanent lifestyle changes to gradually lose weight is often the best way to go.

    • Stop Smoking

      – Smoking can lead to more arthritis pain due to toxins that cause stress on connective tissues, resulting in even more joint problems.

    • Exercise

      – This will help with losing weight, but will also help you feel less stiff when you get up in the morning. Focus on activities that build the muscles around your joints without damaging them, such as stretching and gradual progressive strength training. Other great forms of exercise for arthritis include walking, water exercises and cycling.

    Non-Invasive Pain Relief Techniques

    In addition to making positive lifestyle changes, there are several other non-invasive techniques you can try to manage the pain after your have been diagnosed with arthritis.

    • Relaxation Therapy

      – Practices that have been around for thousands of years are still effective today, including yoga, meditation, deep breathing, journaling and more. It may also help to speak with a therapist to help identify and break cycles of self-defeating actions and thoughts.

    • Heat and Cold Treatments

      – Strategic uses of heat therapy include hot baths or showers and heating pads. Using cold treatments can also be effective and includes applying ice packs to sore muscles.

    • Massage

      – Massage therapy can be an effective way to reduce pain and stiffness, but be sure your massage therapist knows about your arthritis so they don’t make things worse.

    Arthritis Pain Relief Solutions in Arizona

    Suffering from Arthritis pain, pain relief at Laser Tech Scottsdale, AZ

    If you are not finding relief from home remedies, physical therapy or pain management, give LaserTech a call. LaserTech has had success even when other treatments have failed.

    Our multiple computerized lasers are a better fit to increase healing and to positively improve the physiology that causes arthritis. We also offer a full suite of effective pain-relieving technologies to help relieve Arizona residents’ chronic pain. Give us a call at (602) 633-1063 to schedule your free consultation today!