Non-Invasive Pain Relief With Laser Assisted Regenerative Medicine

We are excited to offer our Laser Assisted Regenerative Medicine which provides us an ultimate opportunity to help our difficult chronic pain patients lead a more active life without drugs or having to go under the knife. This procedure combines two of the most promising regenerative and pain relieving treatments available today. Amniotic Mesenchymal Stromal cells injections and Lasers. The combination of these two safe and dynamic treatments has been found to be highly effective and even more effective when combined compared to being performed on their own. All Regenerative injection therapy is provided by our experienced Naturopathic Medical Doctor.

Mesenchymal stromal cell injections help activate stem cells, and is the new buzz in Regenerative medicine. The cells in our bodies often become damaged and less effective after age 40-45. That’s why we use cryopreserved amniotic cells in our office. This safe, bioactive product is FDA regulated and provides healthy, active cells and growth factors for the damaged tissues to help significantly increase the healing capacity necessary to get the job done. If you have chronic resistant pain and want to avoid surgery, the addition of this procedure at LaserTech may be just what you need.

Our multiple computerized Lasers are also very exciting as they have been a big part of our success with chronic pain over the years. Healing capacity is mostly based on the number of viable stem cells and growth factors one has available, and the amount of energy your body can produce for your cells to do work. Our lasers promote significant cellular energy gains for your cells to work and repair and the Regenerative injection provides enough viable cells and growth factors. Without enough energy from our lasers, not as much can get done. The potential additive effects of these two outstanding treatments together can be truly powerful and life changing and provides realistic hope for our resistant patients.

We also offer Prolozone treatments which allows us to go after the cause of the pain and any trigger points in the surrounding areas. Just treating the trigger points and not addressing the cause only provides temporary help. Our goal is sustainable relief.

At LaserTech, we have the experience and non-invasive pain relief technology to get you the results you desire.

Don’t let your chronic pain hold you back from life.
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